Affiliate Members & Sponsors

 Sponsors at their booth during a business conference.

State Affiliate Members & Sponsors

State-level affiliate members can attend the conference at no charge. If you are a non-member or non-sponsoring affiliate wanting to attend the conference, a $250 registration fee will apply (includes one state membership through December 2023).

For any Affiliates who wish to join the conference…

  • Complimentary registration will apply to the following:
    • Current State Affiliate member in good standing
    • All registered Sponsors ($500.00 and up)  
  •  A $250.00 per person registration fee will apply to any Affiliates attending in-person who are not current State Affiliate members or not a registered Sponsor.

*Please note that Local Board memberships are different from Missouri REALTORS® State Affiliate memberships.

To register, or for questions, please contact Maria Davis at or 573-445-8400 ext.1250

Become a Sponsor:

To learn more about  Business Conference sponsor or exhibitor opportunities, see our 2023 Sponsor & Exhibitor Opportunities booklet.