Rise & Refocus

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Rise & Refocus

“Rise & Refocus” gives real estate professionals an opportunity to realign their focus as they prepare for a day of leading their industry through a spiritual devotional.   

Event Details:

  • Thursday, January 20 | 7:00 - 7:30 AM
  • Hot coffee provided


This session is complimentary/open to all conference attendees! *Donations accepted directly to the member of the clergy leading the devotional.


Registration is not required for this event.



Gustavo Vega

Campus Pastor at Harvester Christian Church | Troy, Missouri

Originally from Mexico City, Gustavo Vega is the Teaching Campus Pastor at the Troy, Missouri location of Harvester Christian Church. 

He has been in ministry there for almost 15 years, serving multiple roles at the campus, such as leading worship for the main services and teaching student ministry. Throughout his ministry, Gustavo has been involved with the Hispanic ministries in the St Louis area. 

Gustavo and his wife Julie are blessed with three hyperactive but wonderful teens: Caleb, Isaac, and Lilian. In his free time, Gustavo enjoys spending time with family while traveling, playing music, mountain bike riding, and playing soccer.