Southeast Missouri REALTORS provide members with two choices for electronic key access through Supra Technologies, the leading lock box & key distributor in the nation. The ActiveKEY is a handheld device that communicates with the box by infra red light. The E-Key is an application for smart phones that communicates with the box via Bluetooth capability. Members may use their iPhone, Blackberry, Android or other smartphone for the E-Key.

The electronic lock boxes, which house a removable canister to hold the house key, are the property of Southeast Missouri REALTORS. They can be securely attached to the sellers home, and can only be opened by Supra key holders. The boxes are distributed to our members free of charge. This valuable service saves our members thousands of dollars, and is a unique benefit offered by Southeast Missouri REALTORS.

Southeast Missouri REALTORS offer cooperative services to REALTORS that have a Supra key issued by another association. Contact Southeast Missouri REALTORS for more information. 

SUPRAWeb is Supra Technologies website for agent use.  The website allows agents to run showing & key activity reports, maintain their lock box inventory, and obtain update & authorization codes for their electronic keys.

Southeast Missouri REALTORS are proud to offer electronic key and lock box technology to our members. The service is a more efficient, safe and secure environment for both the homeowner and REALTOR.

SupraWEB for Agents

Mobile SupraWeb for Agents

Active Key vs. E-Key

Electronic Box User Guide

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ActiveKEY Quick Start Guide

Guide to Authorization Codes for E-Key Users

Lock Box and Key Rules and Regulations