Chris Hartlein, 2018 Chair
Purpose: To foster an interaction of Appraisers regarding industry trends

Duties: Develop a positive means of communication between Appraisers and Realtors®. Collaborate on industry trends and member services.


Consumer Outreach

Becky Buehler, 2018 Chair
Purpose: Encourage REALTOR® members to serve our community through events sponsored by the Board.  Identify opportunities and programs to enhance our public relations. 
 Duties: Develop at least four community involvement projects annually. Promote event, communicate with volunteers, and collect donations. Represent the REALTOR® organization at community events such as job fairs, chamber events, and school events. Communicate with local media to promote market statistics, community projects, and the REALTOR® brand.

Designated REALTORS

Elaine Edgar, 2018 Chair

Structure: All Designated REALTORS® of the association.
Purpose: To foster an interaction of Designated REALTORS® regarding industry trends.
Duties: Plan valuable presentations for the Designated REALTORS® from service providers, local municipalities, economic development organizations, and industry specialists.

Professional Development

Lois Long, 2018 Chair
Purpose:  Provide training to reduce agent risk and increase member professionalism.

Duties: Plan various education opportunities annually. Interview educators and recruit sponsors. Serve as welcoming attendants at education classes. Assist in development and implementation of board lead training classes. Ensure the educational function of the board is not a profit motive, but as meeting the educational needs of the membership. 


Vicki Stroud, 2018 Chair
Structure: President, vice president, treasurer, secretary, and immediate past president.
Purpose: Maintain professionalism for members and staff.

Duties: Conduct board personnel annual performance review and address human resources issues. Maintain Board Policies & Procedures Manual and Human Resources Manual. Recommend revisions to the board of directors. 


Keasha Drury, 2018 Chair
Structure: President and treasurer, president-elect and treasurer-elect, and immediate past president. 
Purpose:  Maintain fiscally sound operation of the association.
Duties: Calculate annual budget for the association, and submit to board of directors for their approval. Research investment opportunities for cash on hand.

Government Affairs

Jesse Widner, 2018 Chair
Purpose:  Responsible for assisting with the legislative actions and informing members of issues affecting the real estate industry.
Duties: Remain informed on local ballot and political issues. Screen candidates for political office and make recommendations for board support. Promote REALTOR® Party and RPAC. Plan & promote fundraising activities for RPAC. 

Governing Documents

Liz Lockhart, 2018 Chair

Purpose: Ensure bylaws are reviewed and updated regularly.
Duties: Oversee the submission of documents to membership, boards of directors, and the national association for approval. 


Wendy Marberry, 2018 Chair

Purpose: To promote the value of being a REALTOR®. Positively influence the unity of members, and recognize membership achievements.
Duties: Promote REALTOR® benefits, participate in the new member mentor program, coordinate award of excellence event, annual installation banquet, and other membership networking gatherings. 



Elizabeth Gray, 2018 Chair
Purpose:  To provide qualified slate of officers and directors to lead the board in a professional manner.
Duties: Recruit volunteers for leadership opportunities, ensure all members of the board are given the opportunity to make nominations to the committee and ensure the candidates meet the criteria established herein.

REALTOR of the Year

Becky Buehler, 2018 Chair
Structure: All past REALTOR® of the year recipients.
Duties: Solicit and acknowledge REALTOR® of the year applicants.

Strategic Planning

Linda Wissman, 2018 Chair
Purpose: Make certain our organization has a strategy for success. Establish future vision.

    Duties: Develop annual strategic plan.  Establish guideline and set goals for directors and committees. 


Keasha Drury, 2018 Chair

Purpose: Ensure our organization utilizes and maintains advanced means of technology.
Duties: Develop and maintain a website for member and public use. Research equipment and negotiate prices for board equipment. Assist with remote site presentations and equipment technical issues.


Young Professionals Network (YPN)

Beth McFerron, 2018 Chair

Purpose: Help real estate professionals excel in their careers by giving them the tools and encouragement to become involved.
Duties: Encourage attendance at REALTOR® conference and pursue leadership roles with their local, state, and national associations. Take an active role in policy discussions and advocacy issues; be informed about the latest industry news and trends. Network and learn from one another by attending events, participating in online communication, and seeking out mentoring opportunities. Become exceptional members of their community by setting a high level of REALTOR® professionalism and volunteering for causes they feel passionate about.