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Missouri REALTORS® Business Conference Testimonials

By Missouri REALTORS posted 26 days ago


In January, hundreds of Missouri REALTORS® kicked off the new year with the 2024 Winter Business Conference in St. Louis. Despite the chilly weather, attendees enjoyed a week of enlightening sessions led by industry experts and invaluable networking opportunities. Following January's conference, @Will Klein, a St. Charles REALTOR®, sparked a discussion on The LANDING by asking: What was your favorite moment and/or take away from the conference? The flood of responses was nothing short of fantastic.
As we gear up for the 2024 Spring Business Conference, we wanted to reflect on these testimonials. Whether you're familiar with Missouri REALTOR® conferences or planning to join us for the first time, join us in exploring the highlights and insights from January.
“This was my first conference, and I will definitely be back. I loved the advice from the ‘first timers’ orientation about just trying a lot of different things and finding your place. So many of you made me feel like I was an old friend. I look forward to many years of working and serving alongside you.”
- @Travis Trueblood

“Derek's speeches were the highlight of the conference. I love the theme this year of uniting when it's so easy right now to feel like we are being pulled apart. I think collaboration and camaraderie aren't common enough, and this will be a great way to continue to connect, grow, and learn from one another.”
“My favorite part of the conference is always the new people I meet and the old friends I get to see from around the state. Might sound silly but I always enjoy the fun events like the YPN Family Feud!  Can't wait for the Spring Conference when the Women's Council puts on a fun networking event for you all.”
“A few words I have ingrained in my brain right now... unite, clarity, and choice! This was my first conference and I look forward to learning and growing with each of you. I left inspired and motivated!”
“Year after year I am reminded why I come to the conferences by the interactions I have with each of the attendees. Each session is well done, but the spark that they give to further conversations is the key. The hours of talking, networking, and friendships after each session about the aforementioned topics is what keeps me coming back. I have seen many first timers become involved in the few years that I have been attending and have been likewise encouraged to keep getting involved with Missouri Realtors. We are united as one of the best associations in the country, and it is evident each time I attend our business conferences.”
“The networking, the UNITE theme, building a group of small brokerage broker owners to collaborate through the year and meet up at each conference! There's so many ideas I'm taking back to my office. Ready to get back to work and put it all into motion. See you all in KC in the spring!”
“My favorite part was networking with some of the members of the Small Board Local Leadership Academy I just finished up with in December. It was a great group. Can't wait for the Spring Conference in KC!”
“This was an amazing event! I can go on and on, but I will try to keep it short, simple, and sweet. I appreciate being a scholarship recipient and meeting so many encouraging agents and being educated.”
“Networking, seeing old friends, and meeting new ones is always a highlight.  Every Missouri REALTORS® conference I attend, I am amazed at how much information we receive from each other and speakers that benefits us back home.”
“Every Winter Business Conference, hands down, my favorite thing is the Good Neighbor Award presentation. It sure puts life in perspective for me. We get so wrapped up in our business.  When that presentation begins, I forget all about everything else going on and am reminded how lucky I am in my life to not have the obstacles that many face.”
“It's so nice to see all the 1st timers and see how excited / nervous they are and being able to watch them grow. I remember when I sat in that room for the first time. And it's great to see everyone in the YPN events having such a great time with 'their competitors' otherwise known as friends.”
As we count down the days until the Spring Business Conference in Kansas City, let’s carry forward this spirit of unity, collaboration, and growth that defines our community of Missouri REALTORS®. Together, we will continue to learn, connect, and inspire one another, making the next conference and each to follow an unforgettable experience. See you in Kansas City! Don’t forget to register.

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26 days ago

And I stand by that! Super excited for this theme, and this year's Spring Conference! Thanks for the shout out :)