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Member Spotlight: Shari Asher

By Missouri REALTORS posted 10-21-2022 09:53 AM


Missouri REALTORS® are so much more than real estate professionals. They dedicate their time to serving on school boards and running for elected positions. They educate, serve on panels, volunteer, and facilitate industry discussions. Their philanthropic efforts are inspiring, and the difference they are making within their communities is significant. Our Member Spotlight series highlights these efforts and introduces some of our wonderful members.

This month, we are highlighting Tri-Lakes Board of REALTORS®' (TLBOR) member Shari Asher. As a member of Missouri REALTORS® since 2002, Asher, a REALTOR® with Reece Nichols – Branson West, has proven her dedication to the real estate profession by volunteering her time to numerous boards and committees, including her role as a REALTOR® Party advocate.

Asher currently serves as a State Director for Missouri REALTORS®. She also serves as Vice Chair of the Risk Awareness & Best Practices Output Group and is a member of the Consumer Engagement Output Group and Professional Standards Committee. Noting her dedication to Missouri REALTORS® advocacy efforts, she has been a Sterling R Major Investor since 2018 and was instrumental in the passage of HB 1662. Otherwise known as Restrictive Covenants, this legislation prohibits the subsequent recording of restrictive covenants that limit the sale of property based on a buyer’s race, color, religion, or national origin.

Asher began to seek a resolution for these covenants after noticing restrictions could be an issue when trying to explain to someone that current restrictions weren’t legally enforceable. After raising concerns to her local board executive and seeking insight into similar legislation that had been passed in other states, Asher contacted Missouri REALTORS® legislative team with a request to pass a prohibition against these covenants in Missouri.

“Shari was critical because she saw a problem and let us know about it,” said Sam Licklider, Missouri REALTORS® Chief Lobbyist. “Our advocacy team isn’t dealing with the everyday issues that affect the real estate market. That’s why we must rely on our members to point out problems, and that’s exactly what Shari did.”

Due to the efforts of Asher and Missouri REALTORS® legislative committees and advocacy team, HB 1662 became effective August 28, 2022, stating “… no deed to be recorded may contain a reference to a restrictive covenant that restricts the ownership or use of real property based upon race, color, religion, or national origin.” 

We celebrate Asher for her commitment to the real estate industry!

To learn more about HB 1662, including direction on how a current owner of a subject property may release an illegal restrictive covenant, visit Legislative Update: Restrictive Covenants.




6 days ago

One of the most awesome parts about this story, folks, is that it literally describes the action items Shari and the “powers that be” took.  This problem was quite literally something that many of us have seen or known about but it takes more than just seeing something like this to make any difference or change.. Shari did what others didn’t think to do- She brought it to the board and followed it through the process, going up the ladder all the way to Sam and the State itself- which is the proper place to be!  It’s a tale of what we should all do, and there’s even a road map.  Keep your eyes out for other, similar problems and concerns, fellow REALTORS..  It’s one of the many ways we provide value to our communities and its folks like you and I (and Shari) that step up and make the difference.  Do what you can with what you have, where you ®️

10-25-2022 10:22 AM

Great job Shari!
Congratulations on your recognition that is so well deserved!
Keep up the great job and doing what you’re doing!