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Primary Election in Missouri

By Missouri REALTORS posted 08-01-2022 08:23 AM


Missouri REALTORS® Vote
The American Dream of homeownership is on the ballot this year. Missouri REALTORS® have the opportunity to support and elect candidates from every level of government that prioritize real estate issues. And while it can feel a bit overwhelming to navigate the local, state and national politics of real estate, the Missouri REALTOR® Party is the perfect place to start.

As a Missouri REALTOR®, you are provided with a number of resources to help you research and advocate for the candidates that best benefit the future of your business. We call these candidates REALTOR® Party Champions.  

These are the candidates that care about the things you care about: the real estate transaction, taxation, property management, political advocacy. The list goes on. 

The Missouri REALTOR® Party compiles a bipartisan list of some of the local, state and federal candidates that have those real estate issues top of mind. As you prepare a voting plan, reference this list to identify the State REALTOR® Party Champions on your ballot. 

You can also reference the Missouri REALTORS® General Policies Guide when researching important legislation or policy positions from a candidate’s platform. This guide serves as the foundation and guiding principles for legislative and regulatory policies that the Missouri REALTORS® Board of Directors commit to protect. Compare these guidelines to the legislative and regulatory policies that candidates on your own ballot support. 

But don’t stop there. Conduct more research. Be an informed voter. Establish a solid voting plan. And then vote. After all, your vote is your voice. You can use it to advocate for the issues that directly impact your family, friends, business and the future of this industry. 

REALTORS® are strongest when they speak with one voice. So speak up this August 2nd.