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Capitol Update: March 16 | Tracking Key Legislative Issues

By Missouri REALTOR Party posted 03-16-2023 11:48 AM


Missouri REALTORS®,

The Missouri General Assembly is currently on Spring Break which marks the halfway point of this year’s legislative session. That said, this is a great opportunity to look at some of the key issues we are dealing with and their position in the process.

Eviction Moratorium:

There are currently three bills dealing with this issue:

- HB 730: Sponsored by Rep. Chris Brown, a REALTOR® from Kansas City; has passed the House and been reported to the Senate.
- SB 222: Sponsored by Sen. Curtis Trent; has been reported to the Senate Perfection Calendar and should be taken up in the next two weeks.
- SB 239: Sponsored by Sen. Andrew Koenig; has not been assigned to a committee.

All bills listed prohibit a political subdivision from enacting or enforcing any eviction moratorium. They leave untouched the ability of the Governor under his emergency powers to enact such and they allow the General Assembly to do so as well.

Land Bank:

HB 587, sponsored by Rep. Bill Owen, has been perfected in the House and is currently on the House Third Reading Calendar. We should see action on this bill next week.

Prohibition of the sale of farmland to non-resident aliens:

At this point, the most likely vehicle for this issue is HB 903, sponsored by Rep. Mike Haffner. Current law provides that non-resident aliens or foreign corporations may not acquire more than 1% of agricultural land in Missouri. This bill reduces that number to .5% and provides for the divestiture of lands owned in excess of that number. HB 903 also prohibits the sale of any land to persons or corporations from China, Iran, North Korea, Russia, or Venezuela.

The bill has passed the House and is awaiting committee assignment in the Senate.

Initiative Petition “Reform”:

There are a number (30+) of bills and Joint Resolutions dealing with Initiative Petition Reform. HJR 43 appears to be the most likely vehicle. This House Joint Resolution would amend the constitution to provide that “Any constitutional measure proposed shall take effect when approved by sixty percent of the votes cast thereon.”

There is additional language dealing with who can vote on the issues, but they are simply a recital or existing law. HJR 43 has passed the House, been reported out of the Senate Committee, and is awaiting action in the Senate Committee on Fiscal Oversight.

To learn more about each of the bills listed above, including a summary of each and its current status, visit Tracking List: Key REALTOR® Issues.

Flipping the script to REALTOR® Days; we’re excited to announce over 150 members, representing 18 different REALTOR® boards and associations from across Missouri, have been to the Capitol to advocate for the REALTOR® Party on key legislative issues this session. We have seven more local boards/associations scheduled to attend later this month.

REALTORS® have shown up on blistering cold winter days and rainy days. A select few have even been fortunate enough to attend on days where Spring seemingly showed up early – for a brief period anyway. Each REALTOR® Days event begins with a legislative briefing to prepare our members to discuss legislation with their elected officials. Thanks to our fantastic members, we continue to have great success at the Capitol each legislative session.

For questions related to REALTOR® Days, contact your Regional Advocacy Coordinator.

With session resuming next week, I’ll continue to provide bill updates as they come available.


Sam Licklider
Chief Lobbyist, Missouri REALTORS®