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President's Blog | A Final Message as Your 2022 President

By John Mayfield posted 12-30-2022 07:44 PM


Missouri REALTORS®,

Wow, what an exciting and quick year as your 2022 Missouri REALTORS® President. I must say, it has been a wonderful experience, and thank you for this opportunity to serve as your President.

My theme this year was “It’s Your Story,” and you have helped Missouri REALTORS® write an amazing story this year. I wanted to share your story you helped write by preparing a video recapping some of your achievements, (and yes, I mean you, Missouri REALTORS®) because, without your help, none of these achievements would have been possible. You can view this special video message as I share a recap of Missouri REALTORS® accomplishments in 2022. There is also an audio version if you prefer to listen to the recording.

I have provided bullet points to help illustrate what an amazing year you have accomplished as volunteers and leaders around our state:

  • Hired CEO Breanna Vanstrom to replace our outgoing friend and CEO John Sebree
  • Launched the NEW Missouri REALTORS® mobile app – (be sure and download it to your phone today)
  • Conducted REALTOR® Days in Jefferson City, MO at our state Capitol, January – March
  • Speaking of advocacy, as of December 1, we had raised over $1.2 Million in RPAC dollars, with 372 Major Investors and 70 President’s Circle members
  • The Governor passed HB 1662, which prohibits discriminatory language in deeds in Missouri. A remarkable accomplishment from everyone in advocacy, including staff and volunteers
  • Continued to push for legislative initiatives that may take time, but will prevail with hard work and dedication
  • Helped advocate to the Missouri Real Estate Commission for a required Fair Housing Course for ALL licensees in Missouri beginning in the next renewal cycle
  • Attended the Youth of the Year for the Boys and Girls club of Missouri as a judge
  • Formed two Presidential PAG’s, an Election PAG to deal with the new changes required by NAR, and a Forms PAG to review and look at potential forms vendors
  • Attended Hawthorn Foundation meetings as a Missouri REALTORS® member
  • Attended MIPIM in France for Missouri REALTORS®; one of the largest commercial and investment conferences in the world. This event led to a task force arranged through Commercial and Economic Development groups to develop NEW campaign materials and collateral to hand out at future commercial events showcasing our state for potential investors, relocation of companies, and new jobs for our state. A very exciting endeavor by many of our members
  • Attended the C5 Commercial Summit in New York, showcasing NEW materials as noted in the previous bullet point
  • Conducted 12 podcasts, all specifically tailored to help members increase business productivity and new ideas to grow your business
  • Conducted five (5) broker/manager-specific webinars, and formed the NEW broker/manager community on THE LANDING, tailored to meet the needs of our brokers, owners, and managers
  • Developed a list of videos with the Leadership Academy revolving around Pathways to Professionalism and the need to raise the bar for professionalism in our industry
  • The REALTOR® Relief Foundation contributed $119,000 to 109 families after the devastating floods in St. Charles. A BIG thank you to Breanna Vanstrom for working so diligently to coordinate the paperwork, details, preparations, and coordination with St. Charles REALTORS® and St. Louis REALTORS®
  • Conducted our 25 Days of REALTOR® Benefits during this final month, showcasing a handful of benefits available to our members
  • Approved a NEW audit for Missouri REALTORS® and our members to not only look at how we are doing for inclusiveness and equality as an association but to ensure our members receive the right education and how we can better position our association to move forward in the future. This study will be all-encompassing for not only Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion but our structure, committees, and more. This will be a two-to-three-year process and will benefit Missouri REALTORS® for many years
  • Approved a Summit for both brokers and salespersons to be held in 2023 at Lake of the Ozarks, with more details to follow in the coming months

Additionally, I traveled to many boards around the state, attended numerous zoom meetings (like many of you), and visited with many members in person and by phone, who are so caring and kind. Believe me, the memories from those visits and conversations this past year will be with me forever. Thank you!

Finally, I am sure I left out several additional BIG accomplishments many of you played a part in throughout 2022. If so, I am so sorry but hopefully, this recap will provide you with the achievements you have helped play a role in for Missouri REALTORS® in 2022.

Thank you for all of your hard work. You’re the BEST! And again, please know how grateful and honored I am to serve you in 2022 as your President. 


John D. Mayfield
2022 President, Missouri REALTORS®