Last Week in Jefferson City

By Sam LICKLIDER posted 04-06-2018 12:34 PM


HB 1796, First Time Homebuyers Savings Account is still in committee. Adam and I met with Sen. Ron Richard on Tuesday to see if we could have it reported to the Calendar. Sen. Richard was concerned about the fiscal note, more than two million dollars but was very interested in the alternate note that Adam produced based on data from other states.

SB 920, limited immunity for real estate licensees for reporting of the area of the property, has been drafted as a Senate Substitute.  Some minor changes that appear to reduce concerns about the bill. If passed as amended a licensee would not have immunity if they measured the property themselves or if they obtained the information about the area of the property from the seller.

The issue of Historic Tax Credits is becoming very involved. There are several bills, but the two most likely to move are SB 590 and HCS 18.  SB 590 is scheduled for a hearing on April 9 before the House Committee on General Laws, so I may have more to report next week.