HB 1796 assigned to Senate Committee on Insurance and Banking; SB 920 is out of committee and the hearing is completed on HB 2457

By Sam LICKLIDER posted 03-02-2018 03:47 PM


First, and most important, HB 1796, First Time Home-Buyers Savings Account Act is assigned to the Senate Committee on Insurance and Banking. And a correction, last week the Senate Bill was referred to as SB 877, it is SB 887.

The Monday hearing on SB 920 went very well, in fact, Thursday morning the Senate Committee on Professional Registration met and voted the bill do pass.  SB 920 protects a real estate licensee who uses information from another about the size or area of property or improvements if that information turns out to be incorrect. To be protected the licensee must disclose the source of the information, must not know at the time of publication that the information published was incorrect, and they may not act with reckless disregard as to whether the information was true or false.

During a conference call on Monday, February 26 the Mission Advocacy Committee voted to oppose HB 2457, vacation rentals. The House Committee on General Laws heard the bill Tuesday, February 27. While I believe our witnesses did a great job explaining their concerns, I expect the bill to be voted out of committee and to the floor fairly soon.

Both HB 1509 and HB 1510 were amended and voted out of their respective committees this week. The substitute for HB 1510 is available, but HB 1509 is not.


When a bill number appears in blue, like this, HB 1796, you can click on that number, and you will go to the state website. On the right-hand side of that page, you will see a column headed  “Bill Text,” below that are three options, introduced, committee and perfected.  Click on “perfected” to see the latest version of the bill.