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Leadership Spotlight: Antwann Rhodes

By Missouri REALTORS posted 08-21-2023 10:46 AM


Missouri REALTORS® are so much more than just real estate professionals. They dedicate their time to serving on school boards and running for elected positions. They educate, serve on panels, volunteer and facilitate industry discussions. Their philanthropic efforts are inspiring, and the difference they are making within their communities is significant. Our Leadership Spotlight series highlights these efforts and introduces some of our wonderful members.

This month, we are shining the Leadership Spotlight on Antwann Rhodes.

Antwann Rhodes, a dedicated REALTOR® with Eagle Realty Group & Associates in St. Robert, MO, showcases his unwavering dedication to the American Dream of Homeownership by participating in his community and displaying exceptional commitment to the real estate industry.

Antwann's dedication to his work is unmistakable as he proactively pursues avenues for professional growth. His engagement includes his participation on local, state and national committees, coupled with his consistent attendance at business conferences. His involvement demonstrates his commitment to remaining well-informed and upholding the highest professional benchmarks.

As an RPAC Major investor and a President’s Circle donor, Antwann actively advocates for the real estate industry and protecting the interests of both his colleagues and homeowners. His contributions ensure that REALTOR® initiatives remain at the forefront of political conversations and decisions.

Beyond his involvement in real estate, Antwann takes part in community service initiatives. He volunteers his time with the Waynesville football and basketball teams as both a coach and mentor to the young players.

Notably, Antwann served 20 years in the United States Army. His service was recognized with the prestigious Bronze De Fleury Medal in 2009, as well as the esteemed Bronze Star in both 2006 and 2009. Antwann is also a member of the Sergeant Audie Murphy Club — a nonprofit private organization committed to contributing to the community. The club is composed of the top two percent of the noncommissioned officers in the U.S. Army. These officers, like Antwann, are selected to the club based on leadership, professionalism and overall general military knowledge.

Antwann Rhode’s dedication to his community, his profession and his country exemplifies his role as an engaged leader and a respected REALTOR®. He actively contributes to the betterment of his community and steadfastly supports his peers. As he has demonstrated time and time again, his active involvement betters those around him. Antwann’s service-oriented approach to the real estate profession is laudable, and we celebrate his hard work and dedication.