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Leadership Spotlight: Angie Harness

By Missouri REALTORS posted 2 days ago


Missouri REALTORS® are so much more than just real estate professionals. They dedicate their time to serving on school boards and running for elected positions. They educate, serve on panels, volunteer and facilitate industry discussions. Their philanthropic efforts are inspiring, and the difference they are making within their communities is significant. Our Member Spotlight series highlights these efforts and introduces some of our wonderful members.

his month, we are shining the Leadership Spotlight on Angie Harness.

Angie Harness, from Angie Harness Consulting, is a Missouri REALTOR® and devoted advocate for victims of abuse or neglect in her community, especially children.

In fact, some of Angie’s most notable philanthropic work has been with The Child Advocacy Center of Northeast Missouri, an organization that protects children who disclose abuse by ensuring they are not further victimized by intervention systems. For the organization and Angie alike, children and their well-being is the ultimate priority. 

As a board member for The Child Advocacy Center (CAC), Angie donates or raises a minimum of $2,000 each year. To support community outreach and awareness initiatives, Angie also donates her time to community-wide educational events, trainings and fundraisers - anything that helps spread the word about the important work CAC does for the Northeastern region of the state. She even recruits and introduces individuals to the organization who are now active volunteers with the CAC themselves.

Angie has also served on the Board of Directors for the Western St. Charles County Chamber of Commerce. During her nine years of service, she has volunteered as a Business Education Presenter, an Ambassador and, now, as the Chairwoman of the Business Development Committee. She plans networking opportunities and team bonding initiatives for her fellow members.

In addition to her work with The Child Advocacy Center and the Western Central County Chamber of Commerce, Angie volunteered her time with the 2022 St. Charles County Vision Leadership Program and the Youth Vision Project. She is also a member of Little Black Book, an organization of women supporting other women who own small businesses.

We celebrate Angie Harness for her commitment to the real estate industry, to numerous philanthropic initiatives and to the future of Missouri - our children.