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Thanksgiving-themed Activities and Games

By Missouri REALTORS posted 11-20-2022 02:14 PM

Thanksgiving Heads Up

Thanksgiving is so much more than waking up early for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, feasting on delicious food and cheering on our favorite football teams. It’s a day when we gather with family and friends--some that we see every day and some that we’ve missed profoundly over the last year. It’s an opportunity to reunite and reconnect. We can exchange stories, share laughs and remember our fondest memories together. Emphasis on the word together. Eating together, laughing together, playing games together, feeling thankful together--it’s the best.

Here at Missouri REALTORS®, we want you to have the happiest Thanksgiving. Therefore, we have curated a list of games and activities that you can play with your loved ones this Thursday!

Thanksgiving Family Feud
All you’ll need is a designated Steve Harvey stand-in, some sort of buzzer system and Thanksgiving-themed topics. Questions could include “Name a food you eat at Thanksgiving but not during the rest of the year” or perhaps “Name the best kinds of pants to wear when overeating at Thanksgiving dinner.” You get the picture.

Thanksgiving Charades
Charades, a classic holiday party game. We don’t need to explain the premise to you. Just make sure that you prepare some Thanksgiving-themed words beforehand, and we’re sure it’ll be an absolute blast!

Sack Race
Can you picture your Great Aunt Carol bunny hopping across the finish line in a burlap sack? If that doesn’t sound like the most fun Thanksgiving memories in the making, we don’t know what to tell you!

Flag Football
This Thanksgiving game is best suited for those larger gatherings, where you can form two solid teams. Just make sure that your uncle who tends to take the game a bit too seriously knows all the rules beforehand.

Thanksgiving Would You Rather
To play around the dinner table once everyone has had a healthy slice of pumpkin pie, this game poses a series of questions, such as, "Would you rather spend Thanksgiving weekend without football or without shopping?" Get creative with it!

Thanksgiving Heads Up
Everyone sticks a word to their forehead using a sticky note. Then, take turns guessing the word on your own head with the help of your friends’ and family’s clues. Make it Thanksgiving themed by only using Turkey Day words.

Do you have your own Thanksgiving games and traditions you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments! And have a wonderful holiday weekend with your friends and family! Enjoy every single minute and remind your loved ones how much they mean to you this Thursday.