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New, Innovative Ways to Generate Real Estate Leads

By Missouri REALTORS posted 01-24-2022 12:02 PM

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Whether you’re a newly-licensed agent or a seasoned professional, odds are that you’re on the prowl for the very best ways to generate leads. Knowing where to start the search is half the battle, so we have compiled a list of strategies to broaden your reach, extend your scope and build that contact list.

GENERATING NEW LEADS: Tried and true methods, as well as innovative initiatives

  1. Reach out to family and friends. This is the easiest, often most effective way to build a loyal contact base. 
  2. Attend Chamber of Commerce events – Local chambers of commerce will sometimes host conferences for real estate professionals to learn and network together. You may pick up some useful tips and tricks on increasing your contacts.
  3. Connect via social media – Join real estate groups on social media and facilitate discussions on lead generation tips and tricks. Some great places to start are: Missouri REALTOR’s Common Ground, Facebook pages, LinkedIn groups, Quora, Slack communities, etc.
  4. Reach out to FSBOs – Find FSBO listings online or in the newspaper, then reach out to the owners to explain how your services can earn them more money in the long run than working independent of a REALTOR.
  5. Host a seminar or class – Teaching at your local library, community center or school district allows you to demonstrate your expertise and build your brand recognition. A great place to start is by getting involved with Missouri REALTORS It’s Your Move program, a consumer education course taught by REALTORS to local high school students.
  6. Host an open house – Ask everyone who attends to write down their names and contact info on a sign-in sheet. Though these folks may not be interested in this specific property, their attendance indicates their interest in finding a new place. Follow up with them and offer up your services.
  7. Keep an eye on marriage announcements – When a couple announces their engagement or marriage, they’re likely beginning the house hunt. Rather than combing through the newspaper, take to Facebook and Instagram. Search relevant hashtags and reach out to users with a friendly DM.
  8. Purchase social media ads – The ads can be set to either push people to a specific website, to your own social profile, or as a way to give one of your existing posts an extra boost.
  9. Partner with divorce lawyers – There’s no one else out there who is going to need to sell and buy or rent a new home as quickly as a divorcing couple.
  10. Customer Appreciation – Think about where you can include an extra little gift, personal touch, or value-add when showing your customers how much you appreciate them. This may inspire them to use your services again or to share your contact info with other home buyers or sellers.
  11. Invest in Lead Generation Software – Try out some of the numerous lead generation tools available. A few of the most popular include: Zillow Premier Agent, REDX, SmartZip, etc.
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01-24-2022 11:10 PM

I literally JUST came online to try and find something to preach about in my training session with the agents in the morning..  Thanks!  This is perfect :)