Member Spotlight: Debbie Kendrick

By Missouri REALTORS posted 12-09-2021 09:52 AM

Missouri REALTORS® are so much more than just real estate professionals. They dedicate their time to serving on school boards and running for elected positions. They educate, serve on panels, volunteer and facilitate industry discussions. Their philanthropic efforts are inspiring, and the difference they are making within their communities is significant. Our Member Spotlight series highlights these efforts and introduces some of our wonderful members.

This month, we are shining the Member Spotlight on Debbie Kendrick.

Debbie Kendrick, from See Real Estate in Monroe City, Missouri, consistently gives back to her community and to her colleagues. By serving in a number of leadership roles within the real estate world and beyond, Debbie perfectly captures the giving nature of this holiday season, and we are so excited to celebrate her hard work this December.

Some of Debbie’s most notable philanthropic work has been within her own city. For starters, she serves on the Downtown Monroe City Revitalization group as the current treasurer. She is also the secretary for the Monroe City Development Corp. This is a decades-old industrial/commercial group that has helped establish businesses within her community through financial support. Furthermore, Debbie is the secretary for the Mosswood Golf & Recreation Association. This is a not-for-profit that runs the city’s golf and recreation areas.
In terms of real estate, Debbie is dedicated to her craft and to bettering the real estate community as a whole. Most notably, Debbie is the State Director and incoming President for 2022 for the Mark Twain Association of REALTORS®. Additionally, from 2017 to 2019, Debbie was assigned to the Advocacy Mission Committee. She was also a State Political Coordinator, staying in touch with District 18 area Statesmen and Stateswomen and keeping them informed of needs for our Northeast Missouri region. In 2019, Kendrick was also a member of the Commercial Forms Committee for the Missouri REALTORS®.

In regard to her various volunteering initiatives, Debbie said, “I call these my extracurricular activities - those groups that are near and dear to my heart. It has been my firm belief that if we don't give back to our community, we will not be leaving it better for future generations.”

We celebrate Debbie for her commitment to the real estate industry, to numerous philanthropic initiatives and to a prosperous Monroe City, Missouri. Happy Holidays to Debbie and to all Missouri REALTORS®–who prioritize giving back all year long. We appreciate you all and admire the hard work and giving spirits!
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