Happy National Homeownership Month

By Missouri REALTORS posted 27 days ago


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From everyone at Missouri
REALTORS®, to our members and homeowners across the state, happy Homeownership Month.

The United States marked the first annual Homeownership Month back in June 2020. It was established as an opportunity for the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Federal Housing Administration and others to “recognize the importance of homeownership and its impact upon the lives of American families, local neighborhoods, and the national economy.” 

“For generations, homeownership has sustained and empowered Americans. Recently, we have been reminded that our homes are central to our health, our independence, and the well-being of our families,” said former President Donald Trump. “During National Homeownership Month, we acknowledge the many benefits of secure and affordable homeownership.”

Former HUD Secretary Ben Carson added, “Each June we commemorate the importance of homeownership. During the coronavirus outbreak, among our highest priorities at HUD has been to keep people secure in their homes. Representing more than 15% of gross domestic product, housing is critical to our economy, valuable to American families, and the bedrock of HUD’s mission. For most American families, their home is both their largest investment and biggest expense, and serves as the cornerstone of health and security, particularly during this challenging time.”

The pandemic completely redefined our living spaces, converting our homes into workplaces, classrooms, movie theaters, workout studios and, most importantly, a backdrop to reconnect with loved ones over board games and home cooked meals. Our homes were our sense of safety and sanity in a time of great uncertainty and fear. In 2020, our homes were quite literally everything to us. Now, as the world opens back up and we return to our offices, our schools, our gyms, our malls and our theaters, it’s worthwhile to celebrate and reflect on what it means to be an American homeowner once again.

As REALTORS® and firm believers in the American Dream of homeownership, how do you plan on recognizing Homeownership Month 2021?

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23 days ago

Well, to answer your question about how we plan to celebrate National Happy Homeownership Month in June, I have two comments:

1)  I cannot think of a better way to celebrate this time than by increasing and improving our efforts to make the dream of homeownership a reality for as many qualified buyers as possible, even in this "unusual" market:)

2)  I was planning a social media campaign in conjunction with our efforts with clients, but have not been successful in finding ANY 2021 content or graphics relating to this, even on the NAR site.  The graphic there is from 2020, which I would prefer not to use.

Where can I find some current content around this event or will I need to create my own?