Celebrating Black History Beyond February

By Missouri REALTORS posted 10 days ago

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We hope that members of Missouri REALTORS® took some time to celebrate and honor Black History Month. We hope you reflected on the central role that the African American community has and continues to play in United States history. We hope you spent time and resources with Black-owned businesses in your community. And as REALTORS®, we hope you took a moment to educate yourself on the Fair Housing Act and lingering housing discrimination.

With just a few days left of Black History Month, we urge you to continue the celebration through the rest of 2021. Make it an essential part of your business. Keep learning. Keep supporting Black-owned businesses. And keep reflecting on how the real estate industry can continue to become a more inclusive space, even today.

Here are some ways that REALTORS® can celebrate Black History beyond the month of February in a meaningful way in the workplace.

  1. Hire speakers who will talk with staff about diversity, equity and inclusion standards in the workplace and with clients. 
  2. Organize a company-wide book club. There’s a plethora of stories out there about housing discrimination and redlining that are definitely worth the read.
  3. Listen to podcasts. Again, there are so many remarkable stories out there—stories celebrating Black achievements and honoring Black history. Give them a listen on your way to work or as you’re cooking dinner. Episode 2: Fair Housing of the Missouri REALTORS® Podcast is a great place to start!
  4. Donate time and resources to organizations promoting and supporting the Black community. A Google search will lead you to a number of more than worthy causes.
  5. Collaborate with local Black businesses. If you’re buying a client appreciation gift or picking up coffee for the whole office today, try spending your money at a Black-owned shop