Back to School: REALTOR® Edition

By Missouri REALTORS posted 18 days ago

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REALTORS® are required to participate in continual learning and education. The emphasis on constantly gaining new knowledge is one of the things that makes a career in real estate unique. And the great thing is, real estate welcomes people with a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences. There is no one-size-fits-all path to success as a REALTOR®!

In honor of the back-to-school season, we thought it would be fun to share how a few Missouri REALTORS®  were able to apply their previous education, from high school classes to college courses, to their careers in real estate. Here are a few of the answers we received!

“I am a REALTOR®  appraiser, so it is slightly different, but not all that much, really. The single most important college courses for me were econ and stats. However, a course called business communications was also very memorable. For an agent or broker, any course that helps with selling, including some psych courses, would be recommended.

As for high school, every single day I wish I had paid more attention in geometry class and art class. This would have helped me with figuring out site sizes, square footage and drawing floor plans. However, the great thing is that you can pick up or relearn what you missed. Education is a life-long experience.” - Steven Owen, OZARK GATEWAY ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®  

“My degree in Fashion Merchandising has been helpful in staging.” - Anna Hatridge, MINERAL AREA BOARD OF REALTORS®  INC

“I am a REALTOR®  appraiser. I was an economics major in college, which gave me a basis for understanding the intricacies of the market mechanism. Additionally, classes on statistics and accounting have been helpful, along with several intensive writing classes which have assisted me in honing my communications skills.

I have, of course, augmented these courses over the years with appraisal specific education in my 33+ years as a practicing appraiser, and continue to explore new technologies to enhance my skills.  However, more importantly, my undergraduate studies in economics helped me most in developing my abilities in critical thinking and multivariate analysis. To put it simply, it helped me to understand that there are few simple questions and even fewer simple answers.” -David Doering, JEFFERSON CITY AREA BOARD OF REALTORS® 

“Real Estate is my second career and in looking back I feel my 10 years in law enforcement and college education in psychology both have contributed significantly to being a successful REALTOR® ! As REALTORS®  we spend much of the transaction dealing with people in crisis. In fact, I believe that the transaction actually takes second place to the business of ‘people.’ It's funny to look back and realize that our past experiences have set us up well for the future!” - Sean Moore, COLUMBIA BOARD OF REALTORS®  

How has your education prepared you for your career in real estate? Share your experiences in the comments below, or join the discussion on Common Ground!