What do you do to unwind?

By Missouri REALTORS posted 25 days ago


 Golf ball about to drop in hole.
It doesn’t matter if you’re selling houses, trying to get your brokers license, or simply trying to figure out what to feed the kids for dinner; the stress of everyday life eventually gets to us all. In an effort to share with you the best ways to relax, we reached out to our REALTOR® community. Here’s what we found:

As expected, sports is just one of many activities everyone can enjoy. @Barbara Lane says that in the spring and summer, she enjoys playing golf to unwind. @Barry Upchurch stated he enjoys going to Notre Dame and Cardinals games with his family.

Working out is another great habit to get into, whether it is lifting weights or simply cardio. While it may not be the most relaxing moment of your day, the aftereffects can help reduce stress and anxiety tremendously. According to @Lisa McKnight, getting an early morning workout in always helps start her day off right.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have the much quieter world of gardening. @Anna Hatridge says she enjoys seeing the fruits of her labors when the plants she plants bloom. She especially enjoys planting plants that have been given to her by friends and family. @Will Klein is also part of this group stating when he’s not working out or at the office, he’s gardening and helping maintain the foliage at his city’s local park.

In addition to the above, another great activity for relaxing is reading. For @Sharon Keating, it is an escape from reality. It’s one of the only activities you can learn from as well as lose yourself in.

These are all great ways to relax, but that doesn’t mean they're the only ways. Relaxation is one of many things everyone does differently. Just remember, it never hurts to try something that could potentially change your life for the better.




24 days ago

I float the wonderful Missouri Rivers- I am down in Southern, MO and I float the Jacks Fork and Beautiful Current River! :) Thats what living in the Ozarks is all about, enjoying what God has provided! Cricket

25 days ago

For me, unwinding works by working at the farm with the cattle, fixing fence or at home working in the yard. I love the outdoors. That's my fix!!