Five Ways to Beat the Heat

By Missouri REALTORS posted 07-12-2018 11:06 AM


Couple suffers the summer high heat in hot home with no AC

With summer comes a hot market and even hotter weather. Temperatures are rising and although you probably want to spend every day at the pool, you are bound to be out on the town, jumping from house to house and interacting with clients. It can be hard to stay cool while working as a REALTOR® (in Missouri, no less!) but we have a few tips and tricks to help you beat the heat.

  1. Pack plenty of water. There’s nothing worse than warm water on a hot summer day, so be sure to keep plenty of cold water in your car. Pack a cooler full of ice packs and water bottles in your trunk and enjoy them throughout your busy day of showings. Pack water for your clients as well, and if you’re feeling extra sweet throw in some freezer pops for a quick, nostalgic snack.
  2. Keep your car windows down. While showing a house, roll down your car windows to stop your car from turning super-hot and stuffy. Your car won’t be cold, but it won’t feel like an oven either.
  3. Recommend evenings if possible. In Missouri the temperatures can get dangerously high, which is not ideal for you or your clients. If it works with your clients’ schedules, recommend home showings in the evening, when the sun is setting and the temperature dips a little bit. This will make everyone feel more comfortable and help the focus stay on the homes and not the stifling heat.
  4. Pack some fans. While some REALTORS® have found success with portable electronic fans – which can now be operated with your smartphone – some people find them to be too much trouble. A fun alternative is to create hand fans, which you can turn into marketing material and share with your clients. Your clients will appreciate the fans whether you make them yourself or buy them online, and they’ll keep you cool as well!
  5. Wear the right clothing. In the summer you need to pay attention to your wardrobe. Choose light, loose clothing made of cotton or linen. Steer clear of polyester, nylon and satin. Picking the right clothes can keep the heat at bay all day long.

If you follow these five tips, the Missouri summer heat is sure to be a bit more bearable. What are your favorite ways to stay cool on the hottest days? Share in the comments below!