Worst of the worst: Missouri Listing Photos 2018

By Missouri REALTORS posted 04-01-2018 11:35 AM

Selling a home is challenging, so why would you make it harder by uploading horrible listing photos? Here are the top 10 awful listing photos we found across Missouri so far in 2018!

Didn't your mother tell you it was rude to point?

Back porch

Shirts, shoes, and PANTS are required!

Messy Bathroom

What a lovely children’s room...

Cluttered room

It was so nice of this person to clean up before posting the photo online or maybe they are going for an abstract expressionism look! 

messy kitchen

"Original hard wood floors..."
Yeah the floors look nice, but someone needs a pedicure!

Original hard wood floors

Unfortunately, this isn't an episode of "Hoarders," it's just a messy teenagers room.

Teenage boy's messy room.

I'm sure it looked sharp on the small camera screen... 

Blurry House

Gravity would not be your friend on this court

slanted basketball court

"There is a really ugly patch of the lawn I can't seem to get anything to grow on" 
Sometimes you CAN disclose too much information...

There is a really ugly patch of the lawn I can't seem to get anything to grow on

I'm sure you're very proud of this door, but can we see the rest of the garage?

garage door

Happy April Fool’s Day to all of our Missouri REALTORS®! We know none of our members would make these mistakes. Let us know if you were fooled in the comments.

April Fools from Missouri REALTORS
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10 days ago

Make sure you Rename your photos so you wont click a thumbnail that looks like the photo you want but it was the lesser quality photo asuming you take multiple photos of same subject but from different perspectives if not its a good practice to aquire.