Spruce Up Your Home's Exterior for Fall

By Missouri REALTORS posted 14 days ago


Fall is a wonderful season filled with beautiful changing leaves, bonfires and festive holidays, but sometimes the wintery weather and lack of leaves on the trees can make homes look bare and uninviting.  Don’t let the cold weather blues dull your home and make it look drab.  Create the perfect curb appeal for fall with these tips.

Plant seasonal blooms

Filling your flower beds with warm shades of red, orange and yellow is a great way to add color when other plants are losing their leaves for the season.  Mums are a great option, since they come in a variety of vibrant autumn tones, are easy to care for and are resilient to the weather.  Also, evergreen, holly and cedar trees stay green all year long, making them great options for shrubs.
Fall mums in flower beds.
Dress up your front door

Choose unexpected door decorations to add visual interest to your home.  While a wreath is a great decorative addition to any home, sometimes you want something funkier to make your home really pop from the neighbors’.  Baskets filled with fall items, or festive signs, are perfect and unique door décor.  Decorating with symmetry on either side of the door is also a great way to add curb appeal and make your own seem more inviting.  And if you’re feeling like taking an extra step, consider painting your front door a vibrant color to really make your porch pop.
Front door of home decorated with fall wreath and flower pots/
Make use of what’s already there

Instead of putting away your summer lawn furniture for the winter, simply update it for fall.  Remove summery cushions and decorations that could get damaged by weather, and replace them with colorful potted plants or seasonal décor.  Change out summery pillows for outdoor flannel blankets, invest in a fire pit, add some pumpkins – real, or fake – and voila!  You now have a cozy outdoor fall entertaining space. 
Patio decorated for fall with pumpkins and flowers.
Cheery welcome mat

Welcome mats are a super easy, fairly inexpensive way to spruce up your front porch.  Whether you choose a witty saying, the classic “Welcome” or a fun pattern, doormats are always worth the small investment.  They’re functional, decorative, easy to swap out and will add color and personality to your front step.  Welcome mats are definitely the quickest curb appeal fix.

Touch up with a fresh coat of paint

When leaves fall from the trees they make chipped and worn paint on your home much more noticeable.  Make sure and check the exterior of your home for any areas in need of a fresh coat of paint.  Also, take advantage of the lack of leaves and check your roof and other areas of your home normally blocked by trees.  A good power washing can fix a lot of your problems.

Install outdoor lighting

With the sun setting earlier in the colder months, outdoor lighting is more important than ever.  Adding additional landscaping lights or updating a porch lamp creates a warm, inviting glow to your home and makes visitors more comfortable when walking up to your front door.  Outdoor lanterns are another unique, visually appealing way to add light to your landscaping.  No one wants to approach a dark, poorly lit home, especially around Halloween! 
Outdoor lighting around patio and fire pit.
The winter blues might get you down, but don’t let them dull your home from its full potential.  Let us know in the comments if you have any other tips for creating the perfect fall curb appeal!