GRI Will Help Take Your Business to the Next Level

By Missouri REALTORS posted 06-27-2017 04:44 PM


Graduate REALTOR® Institute LogoThe Graduate REALTOR® Institute designation is a great way to stand out to prospective clients as a REALTOR® who has gained in-depth knowledge on technical subjects, as well as the fundamentals of real estate. GRI classes can lead to stronger professional relationships, increased pay, future referrals and fuller understanding of the real estate business. While GRI classes are offered both online and in the classroom, REALTORS® find the classroom settings especially beneficial. Here's what a few Missouri REALTORS® had to say about their GRI experience. 

GRI is one of the key educational designations that helped me take my real estate business to the next level. You not only learn timely and valuable information to grow your business, but also build a network of new friendships for future referrals and trusted advice.”  John Mayfield, Mayfield Real Estate, Farmington 

GRI took me in depth, beyond the basics of contracts and agency, into the nuances of working in our industry. I met REALTORS® across the state and formed lasting business relationships, resulting in trusted referral arrangements over the years.”  Kathy Cremer, Key Choice Realty, Jefferson City 

I still maintain relationships with some of the REALTORS® that I met in my first GRI class 30 years ago. This attests to friendships being forged more strongly with folks of like values. I often hear real estate practitioners complain that nobody knows what GRI stands for, butin my opinion, people know that letters after your name say you take your work seriously enough to pursue advanced degrees.”  Brenda Oliver, Heritage Realty, Odessa 

I took my GRI in the classroom during my third or fourth year in the business. What I learned made me feel more knowledgeable and more professional. It was also an excellent way to network with other agents. GRI gives you a really solid foundation to build your career on, and I received a very clear understanding of what steps one must take to be successful in this business. I have heard through the years that the GRI designation will add 30 percent to your annual income. I can believe that!”  Daniel ONeill, Reece Nichols East, Lee's Summit  

The knowledge I gained through the GRI Program has been irreplaceable. I took my classes in one year and doubled my income the following year. The connections I made with other professionals have also proved to be quite profitable. As a broker/owner, I feel that GRI is the BEST real estate educational offering. Personally, I wish that NAR would require the GRI for all REALTORS®.”  Michelle Walker, STL Buy & Sell, St. Peters 

The classroom was the best part of my GRI classes. We spent a couple days together each time and built strong ties. The best part to me was what we learned from each other and how practical the content was.”  Sharon Keating, RE/MAX, Jefferson City 

Earning my GRI provided me with the confidence and knowledge base I needed to step up and run with the best of them. This has since resulted in receiving team production awards, personal honors and plenty of recognition for my contributions – which could all be considered benefits of GRI and have made this journey very rewarding and humbling. However, I believe the most important benefit of GRI is the improved level of service I can offer my clients and customers, the public and my fellow REALTORS®.”  Michael Jacques, The Jacques Company, Springfield 

The GRI program includes 16 courses on topics from marketing and servicing listed properties, to real estate law. In person classroom courses coming soon!