Leadership Academy Member Spotlight: Kimberly Cameron

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Kimberly CameronWhat makes Missouri REALTORS® so great are the members that we have. Not only do we care about real estate, but we care about each other as well. We know that by investing in our fellow REALTORS® we are making our community, and the industry as a whole, stronger. That’s why we created Missouri REALTORS® Leadership Academy, a program that trains emerging leaders so that they may exert a positive influence on the future of the real estate industry.

Our new Leadership Academy Alumni Member Spotlight series highlights the graduates of the program. We want to introduce some of our wonderful REALTOR® leaders and showcase how Leadership Academy helped them grow. This month we are shining our spotlight on Kimberly Cameron.

Kimberly Cameron, REALTOR® with St. Louis REALTORS®, earned a degree in psychology before finding the real estate industry in 1997. She had a background in rehabbing, property management, new construction and mortgage lending before becoming a licensed REALTOR® in 2003.

Cameron was encouraged to apply for Leadership Academy by agents at her local association. She was accepted into the class of 2012 and was even selected to present the class project at the September Business Conference.

Since graduating from Leadership Academy, Cameron has served as a Director for St. Louis REALTORS®, serves on its committees and will be chair of the St. Louis RPAC auction in 2017. She also serves as a State Director, has been on the Member Communication Committee for NAR and was recently appointed to a three-year term with the NAR Professional Standards Committee.

“I cannot imagine not being involved at the state or national level. The more I give, the more I get back in return,” said Cameron.

She also enjoys giving back to her community by volunteering with the local Parks, Recreation and Arts Advisory Committee.

Cameron’s advice to anyone interested in Leadership Academy is this:

“Give without expectations of receiving as you will get far more from this experience than you can imagine. Leadership Academy will teach you skills about leading, working with others who come from totally different perspective and personality traits while learning about yourself-the good, the bad and the potential to improve. If you want to continue to prosper in your business and your Association, this is a great foundation.”

If you are interested in applying for Leadership Academy, applications open in February 2018 and will be due in June 2018. We would love to have you in the next class!

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