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Capitol Update: May 2 | Uncertainty as the 2022 Legislative Session Nears Conclusion

By Missouri REALTOR Party posted 05-02-2022 10:44 AM


Missouri REALTORS®,

There are only two weeks left in the 2022 legislative session and there is still much to be done. The state budget must be completed by the close of business on Friday, May 6. Unfortunately, I am not aware of the conflict between the House and Senate versions, but I expect we will find out reasonably soon.

As many of you know, there is still no Congressional map, nor does it appear anyone is in a hurry to agree to one. If the General Assembly fails to complete one, what happens? The short answer is no one knows. Various theories range from a map being completed by a court, candidates running in the same districts, simply trying again next year, or everyone running at large. None of the provided scenarios are particularly appealing but we will have to wait and see.

In the Senate, we are focused on the topics of Eviction Moratorium, Restrictive Covenant fix, Homeowner Association vs. For Sale Signs, Clear Title, and prohibition of pre-listing inspections. Both Eviction Moratorium and Clear Title will be heard in the Senate Committee on Local Government and Elections later today. Restrictive Covenants has already been voted out of committee and is in the hands of Pro-Tem., Sen. Dave Schatz.

As we near the end of session, I will provide additional updates. Stay tuned!


Sam Licklider
Chief Lobbyist, Missouri REALTORS®