Capitol Update: May 3 | CFA to Increase Highway Funding, LLC Commission Payments, and LLC/Advertising Language

By Missouri REALTOR Party posted 7 days ago


Missouri REALTORS®,

This past Tuesday, the Senate Committee on Small Business and Industry heard testimony on HB 162. In addition to Representative Viet’s original language regarding LLCs, this bill contains changes sought by the Office of the Secretary of State and our language allowing a real estate licensee to own an unlicensed LLC that could accept commission payments from their associated broker.

The Senate Governmental Accountability and Fiscal Oversight Committee took up HB 476 on Wednesday. The underlying bill deals with reciprocity for members of the military. It allows a MOS (military occupational specialty) to be accepted as a type of occupational license, and now includes our LLC and advertising language. The bill was reported as “do pass” and is now on the ‘House Bills on Third Reading’ informal calendar. It can be taken up at any time.

Further, the Senate took up HB 273 on Thursday afternoon. This is Representative Tom Hannegan’s bill that allows an unlicensed person to shampoo hair under the direction of a licensed barber or cosmetologist. The Senate Substitute contains significant amounts of new language, including our LLC and advertising provisions. The bill now goes back to the House. The House can either accept the changes or reject them and ask for a conference.

As a reminder, we recently sent you a Call for Action (CFA). This CFA is related to SB 262, introduced by Senator Dave Schatz. If passed and approved, Missouri’s transportation infrastructure would get a critically needed infusion of funds. Please take action by contacting your State Representative and urging them to vote YES on SB 262.


Sam Licklider
Chief Lobbyist, Missouri REALTORS®