Capitol Update: May 13, "Crisis Issues 2019"

By Missouri REALTOR Party posted 05-13-2019 04:56 PM


Missouri REALTORS®,

I have a file on my bill service program called “Crisis Issues 2019." Being said, I’d like to touch on the below issues regarding actions on bills relevant to the industry.

Low-Income Housing Tax Credits:
The House recently adopted an amendment to clarify language on the sale of tax credits. Senate Bill 28 passed 143 to 7. To aid in further discussion, a conference committee will be formed.

Immunity dealing with square footage:
Senate Bill 36 has passed the House with a vote of 123 to 28. The problem; Rep. Billington of Poplar Bluff has offered an amendment which makes a change in actions for rent and possession. Currently, a judgment isn’t final until ten days after the trial. Rep. Billington’s amendment would change that to five days. That is undoubtedly sufficient time to file an appeal or ask for a trial de novo, and gives tenants who are so inclined additional time to do things to the property they might otherwise should not. In short, the biggest problem is that Sen. Jill Schupp is willing to discuss, at some length, the bill, but with only five days left in session, that’s a problem. Senate Bill 36 will likely go to a conference.

Note, House Bill 106 is out of committee and I hope to get it on the calendar. House Bill 705 includes similar language adopted by the Senate; however, the House language is somewhat more precise.

Fresh Start Act:
We are still in discussion with the Senate handler.

Remote Notarization (E-Notary):
Senate Bill 468 includes the Secretary of State’s notary language.

Following this week’s session, I look forward to providing you with an overview of legislative issues to date.

Sam Licklider
Chief Lobbyist, Missouri REALTORS®