The Benefits of a Strong Carrier Relationship

By Lisa Scoble posted 07-07-2017 03:57 PM


Relationships are crucial to our wellbeing. In fact, it has been proven that strong, healthy relationships can increase our lifespan.1 And, likewise, from the opposite viewpoint, loneliness or unproductive relationships can negatively affect our wellbeing.

In one case study, a lack of strong relationships increased the risk of premature death by 50%.1 But what do these fascinating lifestyle statistics have to do with your real estate firm? Well, simply put: a lot.

Just like any struggling relationship, your firm can be negatively affected by a poor carrier partnership. Though turnover in carrier/administrator relationships can happen quite frequently in the insurance industry, Pearl Insurance has stayed committed to serving our customers.

Our long-standing relationship with XL Catlin—of over 15 years—allows us to provide you with longevity of coverage, and, as a result, the ability to negotiate for the best possible plan and rates.  

Additionally, since our plans are written on a claims-made basis, longevity works in your favor. When you’re insured with the same carrier, you’re less likely to have a claim denied for prior notice. 

Prior notice means that the insured should have reported a claim to the previous carrier when the insured first became aware of the problem. The new carrier will have a contractual agreement stating that they don’t have to cover claims that fall under prior notice. When firms frequently change carriers, they are in more danger of having certain claims denied.  

You may be wondering how something so common as a relationship can have such a strong effect on your health. Well, scientists have linked the health benefits of positive relationships to a significant decrease in harmful levels of stress, which can affect your immune system, insulin regulation, and more.

Pearl Insurance and XL Catlin are here to keep stress off your firm, and we have 15 years of support to prove it. When you stay connected with us, you could extend the success of your firm, and who knows, maybe even your life.

Information provided within this article is accurate to the best of the author's knowledge and is to be used for educational purposes only. It is not to be taken as professional legal counsel.

1“The health benefits of strong relationships.” Harvard Health Publications. Harvard Medical School, December 2010. Web. 14 June 2017.