ECBR REALTOR® Membership

Thank you for your interest in joining ECBR as a New REALTOR® Member. 

Here is the link to our online application. REALTOR® Application Form

In order to expedite the processing of membership, please be sure to include the following upon submitting your application.  All documentation should be returned to ECBR.

  1. Completed ECBR Member Application Submitted (see link above) Do not send to ECBR, we will receive a copy once you submit the form. Attach Photo ID and Real Estate License or Work Permit to the application.
  2. REALTOR® Dues Payment payable to ECBR
    The National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) - $156 pro-rates monthly as new members join throughout the year and $45 assessment which does not pro-rate.
    Missouri REALTORS® - Designated REALTORS® - $157.00, REALTORS® - $157.00. These dues pro-rate monthly throughout the year for new members. In addition, there is a $40 Issues Reserve Fee and a $14 Professional Standards Fee that do not pro-rate.
    Missouri REALTORS® also has a $200.00 application fee for all new members.

    East Central Board of REALTORS® - $190 pro-rates monthly and a $75 application fee for new members
    Your credit card will be charged upon application approval.
  3. Completed MLS New Member Form.

Please let Cherie Lavy know if you have any questions. We look forward to working with you.