Frequently Asked Questions

Your health and safety is our number one concern. With your full cooperation and by adhering to the City of St. Louis’ orderswe will do all we can to keep our conference participants, Missouri REALTORS® staff, hotel staff, and other event suppliers safe.  

Will be able to view the conference remotely from my officehome, or hotel room 
Yes. You will be able to access any meetings that have a 'join' or 'watch' link. View the full conference schedule

Will mask-wearing and social distancing be required during the conference?  
Yes. Per order of the City of St. Louis and as required by the Hilton brand, mask-wearing and social distancing in public areas is required.  

Will masks and hand sanitizers be provided during the conference?  
Yes. We will have these available for all conference attendees at the conference registration desk and in the In-House Physicians room (our onsite medical) 

Will there be onsite medical during the conference?  
Yes. In-House Physicians is our onsite medical the entire time of the conference to address any urgent medical care needs. To learn more, visit www.inhousephysicians.com(Note: The COVID pre-testing feature mentioned on their website will not be offered at the conference.)  

Will meeting rooms be set with physical distancing in mind? 
Yes. The following standards will be used during the conference:   

  • U-shape Set: 1 person per 6ft table   
  • Classroom Set: 1 person per 6ft table  
  • Theater Seating: 2 feet between seats   

Depending on the size of the room, seating may be limited in some of the meetings. We request that conference participants exit the room if open seats are not available.     

For the Inaugural, when purchasing a ticket, the option to sit at a Round of 4, 6, or 8 will be offered. If no selection is made, guests will be assigned to a Round of 6.     

Will there be visuals/signage to manage crowds and traffic flow?
Yes. We will have directional and distancing reminders thru floor signage, stanchions will be positioned in high traffic areas to highlight 2-way traffic    

How much is the registration fee to attend the business conference? 
For Missouri REALTORS® members and Affiliate Members in good standing, there is no fee to attend the conference. If you are an Affiliate who is currently not a member of Missouri REALTORS® and you want to attend the conference, please email maria@morealtor.com  

I am an Affiliate member in good standing with one of Missouri REALTORS® Local Boards/Associations. Can I also attend the conference on a complimentary basis? 
Two options are available - Option 1: Sign-up as an Affiliate Member of Missouri REALTORS® or, Option 2: Sign-up as a Sponsor for the January Business Conference. Please email maria@morealtor.com for more information.   

When does online registration close?  
Online registration closes at midnight on Sunday prior to the conference.  

Can I register onsite for the conference?
es. Onsite registration is available starting Wednesday at 9:00 am.   

Will the conference accommodate any special needs/dietary requirements?
Yes. Please email maria@morealtor.com at least 2 weeks prior to the conference.   

When is the deadline to cancel my registration and get a refund for Inaugural Night?  
The deadline to cancel your Inaugural Night registration and receive a full refund is January 8.