REALTORS® Legislative Meetings & Trade Expo

Monday, May 15 - Saturday, May 20, 2017

The REALTORS® Legislative Meetings & Trade Expo is where NAR members take an active role to advance the real estate industry, public policy and the association. REALTORS® come to Washington, DC, for special issues forums, committee meetings, legislative activities and the industry trade show.

MONDAY, 05/15/17

08:00a-05:00p Leadership Team

11:30a-03:30p Leadership Academy Session

12:00p-03:00p Real Property Operations Committee

02:00p-05:00p AEC Recommendations and Recognition Advisory Board

03:30p-06:00p Leadership Academy Advisory Group

TUESDAY, 05/16/17

07:30a-05:00p Finance Committee

08:00a-09:30a Federal Legislative and Political Forum

08:00a-01:00p Past Presidents Advisory Group

08:00a-09:00a Local Leadership Idea Exchange Council Chairman/Vice Chairman Briefing

09:00a-11:00a Federal Technology Policy Advisory Board

09:30a-11:00a CIPS Advisory Board

09:45a-11:15a Regulatory Issues Forum

10:00a-12:00p Local Leadership Idea Exchange Council

10:00a-12:00p State Leadership Idea Exchange Council

11:00a-12:00p Insurance Committee

11:00a-02:00p Communication Directors Networking Session

11:30a-01:30p AEC-RCE Certification Advisory Board

12:00p-02:00p Global Alliances Advisory Board

01:00p-03:00p Commercial Real Estate Research Advisory Board

01:00p-03:30p Data Strategies Committee

01:00p-03:00p Land Use, Property Rights and Environment Committee

01:00p-03:00p Real Property Valuation Forum

01:00p-02:30p Young Professionals Network Advisory Board

01:30p-02:30p Candidate Audit Work Group

01:30p-03:00p Multicultural Real Estate Leadership Advisory Group

01:30p-03:00p Smart Growth Advisory Group

02:00p-03:30p Idea Exchange Council for Brokers

04:00p-05:00p NAR 360

WEDNESDAY, 05/1​7/17

07:00a 08:00a Federal Priority Issues Briefing

07:00a-08:00a Federal Independent Expenditures Advisory Board

08:00a-10:00a Real Property Valuation Committee

08:00a-09:30a Broker Involvement Council

08:00a-10:00a Regional Vice Presidents

08:30a-10:30a Global Business & Alliances Committee

09:00a-10:30a Commercial Legislation & Regulatory Advisory Board

10:00a-12:00p Association Executives Committee

10:00a-12:00p Business Issues Policy Committee

10:00a-12:00p Conventional Financing & Policy Committee

10:00a-12:00p Consumer Communications Committee

10:00a-12:00p Diversity Committee

10:00a-06:00p Trade Expo

10:00a-12:00p Federal Financing & Housing Policy Committee

10:00a-12:00p Federal Taxation Committee

10:00a-12:00p Housing Opportunity Committee

10:00a-12:00p REALTOR® Party Member Involvement Committee

10:00a-12:00p Resort & Second Home Real Estate Committee

10:00a-12:00p RPAC Major Investor Council

10:00a-12:00p RPAC Participation Council

10:00a-12:00p State & Local Issues Policy Committee

10:30a-12:30p Commercial Committee

10:30a-12:00p New Directors Orientation

10:15a-11:45a Risk Management Issues Committee

12:00p-05:00p HILL VISITS

01:00p-03:00p Member Communications Committee

01:00p-03:00p RIN Board of Directors

01:00p-02:30p State & Local Education Directors

01:30p-03:30p REALTORS® Relief Foundation Directors

01:30p-05:00p State & Local Issues Mobilization Support Committee

01:30p-03:30p Strategic Thinking Advisory Committee

02:00p- 03:00p Credentials and Campaign Rules Committee

02:30p-04:00p Local Education Directors

02:30p-04:00p State Education Directors

03:00p-05:00p MLS Association Executives

03:00p-05:00p RPAC Fundraising Forum

06:00p-08:00p Global Networking Reception

THURSDAY, 05/18/17

07:30a-09:30a Public Policy Coordinating Committee

07:30a 12:00p RPAC Trustees Federal Disbursement Committee

07:30a-12:00p RPAC Trustees Fundraising Committee

07:30a-08:30a State Presidents-elect Breakfast with President-elect

07:30a-08:30a State Presidents Breakfast with President

08:00a-10:00a Residential Economic Issues & Trends Forum

08:00a-02:00p Legal Action Committee

08:00a-10:00a Membership Policy & Board Jurisdiction Committee

08:30a-10:30a Commercial Leadership Forum

09:30a-02:00p Executive Committee

09:00a-12:00p Multiple Listing Issues & Policies Forum & Committee

10:00a-06:00p Trade Expo

10:00a-12:00p Professional Development Committee

10:00a-03:00p HILL VISITS

10:30a-12:00p Property Management Forum

01:00p-03:00p Commercial Economic Issues & Trends Forum

01:00p-03:00p Emerging Business & Technology Forum

01:00p-05:30p Professional Standards Forum & Committee

01:00p-03:00p Top 75 Large Residential Firm NAR Directors Forum

02:00p-04:00p Treasurer’s Budget Forum

02:30p-04:30p AEC/AE Institute Advisory Board

03:00p-05:00p REALTOR® Party Trustees for Campaign Services Committee

03:00p-04:30p Global Business Councils Forum

03:00p-05:00p Research Committee

03:30p-5:00p AE YPN Advisory Board

FRIDAY, 05/19/17

07:00a-09:30a Leonard P. Reaume Memorial Foundation Directors Meeting

09:00a-03:00p Executive Committee

09:00a-11:00a AEC State AE Forum

09:00a-11:00a Association Management Roundtables

09:00a-11:00a Local President/President-Elect Roundtables

09:00a-11:00a State President/President-Elect Information Exchange

09:15a-12:00p Distinguished Service Award Council

10:00a-12:00p Issues Mobilization Workshop

10:00a-11:30a Meeting & Conference Committee

10:00a-11:00a MLS Forum breakouts

11:30a-01:00p RCE Leadership Luncheon

12:30p-03:00p Government Affairs Directors

01:30p-03:00p Leadership Express

04:00p-05:30p Regional Caucuses

SATURDAY, 05/20/17

08:30a-01:00p Board of Directors

*MLS Technology and Emerging Issues Advisory Board will meet as needed including off-cycle

Please check back in January for more details.