Common Ground

Fitness Tips For REALTORS®

By Missouri REALTORS posted 12-11-2018 01:58 PM


REALTORS® work irregular hours in a notoriously fast-paced industry. Crazy schedules and constant work demands make it difficult to find a fitness regime fits into the go-go-go REALTOR® lifestyle. Some of our members recently began a discussion about fitness on Common Ground. Below you will find some of their tips, as well as a few additional ones, that you can pretty easily work into your weekly routine.

1. Combine fitness with marketing. Carving out time to exercise doesn’t mean abandoning your work. In fact, working out can help you build your business! One Missouri REALTOR® gets his exercise by walking around neighborhoods and hanging door hangers. Other tips include wearing branded t-shirts to the gym or joining a running group to build your network. Your fitness and business goals can go hand in hand.

2. Start looking for classes. Many people find success with workout classes, which offer structure and can be much more fun than using treadmills or ellipticals. One Missouri REALTOR® found success with a gym that offers 30-minute workouts, which he could fit into his busy schedule. To find a workout class that works best for you, use your personality as a guide! If you enjoy upbeat music and dancing, try Zumba. If you are under a lot of stress, kickboxing may be a good outlet. And if you enjoy a more calming environment, sign up for a yoga class. Many places offer the first class, or even week, for free, so you can try before you buy. A bonus with classes is that you can concretely schedule them into your week. For example, if you have free time in the mornings, you can find classes that fit that time slot and pen them into your planner. If you go to the same class at the same time every week, it’ll naturally become part of your routine.

3. Park strategically. If you have a listing that you can walk to, do so! If not, park down the street from the listing - but only if you feel comfortable doing so. Getting a few extra steps in every day is an easy way to boost your physical activity. Most experts recommend walking 10,000 steps a day, and parking farther from your destinations can help you reach that goal.

4. Start a REALTOR® walking group. Chances are, if you’re trying to boost your overall health, many of your fellow REALTORS® are too! A fun way to exercise while building closer relationships with other industry professionals would be to initiate a walking club. Instead of walking around parks or going to an indoor track, use this as an opportunity to check out neighborhoods and homes in your area. Not only will you be burning calories and spending time with friends, but you’ll be getting more familiar with your local market.

5. Give your body what it needs. An important part of boosting your overall health is staying hydrated and getting enough sleep. Drinking around eight glasses of water a day and getting at least seven hours of sleep will hugely improve the way you feel. If you struggle with staying hydrated, buy a fun water bottle to encourage you to drink more. If you never seem to get enough sleep, try instituting a “no technology” rule, where you shut off your phone, laptop, and TV after a certain hour and keep the devices outside of your bedroom. Drinking water and sleeping well at night may seem like small things, but they have a huge impact on your health.

How do you maintain your health in such a busy industry? Share your advice in the comments below!