The Hot Topic in Real Estate: 1031 Exchanges

The EXPERT FORMULA - Build an EXPERT Standout Brand - Grab Attention, Make Your Competition Irrelevant & Win New Business

Hosted by Missouri Women's Council

Top 3 Takeaways:

Cutting-Edge Marketing Strategies to...

  1. Build your credibility to be seen as the best option in your market.
  2. Build your authority to become the obvious choice.
  3. Build your visibility to be seen everywhere and capture more business from your competition.

Event Details:

  • Tuesday, March 30 | 2:00 - 3:00 PM


This session is complimentary/open to all conference attendees!


    Registration is not required for this event.


    Portrait of Ann Carden

    Ann Carden

    Business Growth Consultant & Marketing and Sales Strategist
    #1 International Bestselling Author/Speaker/Podcast Host

    Ann Carden is the founder and CEO of A. Carden Inc. (an international business growth & marketing consulting company for coaches, consultants, and small business owners.) She is also an author and a speaker for professional organizations.

    Working as a consultant for herself since 2010, she has helped hundreds of business owners grow and scale their businesses in more than thirty-eight different types of industries. 

    She has trained, inspired, motivated, and educated thousands of business owners and professionals through speaking, workshops, and seminars on business, success, sales, marketing, achieving goals and being their best in life.

    Ann is an author of two books and working on her third book which is scheduled for release in the next few months.